Janome Bench Top Robot

Janome Bench Top Robot

Multi discipline Robot
Janome JR 2200 Mini XYZ Soldering/Dispensing/screwing Robot
Includes Teaching pendant and Dispensing Equipment as pictured.
Also with the Dust free Cabinet made in perspex and aluminium Frame.
This was pulled from a Research Laboratory. These are still sold by Jenome, so parts and maintenance are readily available.

This Instrument is currently set up with liquid dispensing for 2 Microplates. We have tested the machine and it responds appropriatley to the programmes pre-installed and a video of the robot working can be found at https://youtu.be/iaO03iUIqMM
Janome JR2000N Desktop Robots provide companies with a solid platform to implement multiple application solutions for manufacturing. Dispensing, Screw Fastening, Soldering, Pick & Place, PCB Routing and Cleaning are just some of the solutions available.
Dialog based operating software makes programming a snap, eliminating complicated programming language. The robot easily performs 3-dimensional linear and arc interpolations with positional repeatability of +- 0.01mm. The JR2000N expands worker productivity by allowing one employee to operate several systems at once.

Easy Setup & Quick Start-up
The desktop robot’s interactive dialog teaching method is easy and eliminates the need for a complex programming language.
Reliable Precision
The sturdy, aluminum alloy die cast single structure in both H and L shape upper bodies provides the stability necessary for high precision repeatable accuracy.
Compact Size & Flexibility
The compact size of the tabletop robot not only saves space but enables installation in smaller workshops. It’s small footprint, light weight and built-in controller enables the construction of a flexible production system.
Professional Program Environment
The JR2000N Benchtop Robot has a broad variety of point jobs, variables and COM commands.
Needle Adjustment
Simple, Fast, Automatically Corrects Position
When a needle is changed, the adjuster uses the previously registered program data to automatically adjust tool-tip position. It is also possible to run periodic adjustments while the robot is operating to ensure sustainability of the operation.
Height Sensor
Operation Stability, Quality Improvement
When the workpiece height is changed, the height sensor compensates deviation of the workpiece height and uses previously registered program data to automatically adjust the tool-tip heights position.
Vision Cam System
Solutions For Complex Requirements
When workpiece positioning can´t be guaranteed or the position where actual work should be performed shifts;   In these kind of cases, this equipment is extremely useful for detecting and adjusting program coordinate position data to the exact workpiece position to ensure reliable quality.
Technical Specification
Brochure Link; http://www.dynetechnology.co.uk/Pdfs/BenchtopRobots.pdf
Model Number JR2200 Series
Range of Operation
X axis 200mm
Y axis 200mm
Z axis 50mm
PTP(X,Y) 5~500mm/sec
PTP(Z) 2.5~250mm/sec
PTP(R) 6~600
CP(X,Y,Z) 0.1~500mm/sec
Repeatability accuracy
X,Y axis ± 0.01mm
Z axis ± 0.01mm
R axis

Portable weight Work 7kg
Tool 3.5 (6.58 2axes) kg
Teaching method
Remote teaching MDI
Drive method 5
phase stepping motor
Control method PTP and CP
Number of controllable axes
2 axes
3 axes
4 axes (360º)
External interface
External input/output IN: 16, OUT: 16

Program capacity
Data memory capacity
6,000 points
or 100 points
Program system Memory  card
CPU 32bit
Width 320mm Depth 377mm Height 536(655 tall)mm
Weight 18kg
Power source Dual voltage 100~200V
Consumption current 200VA
Working ambient temperature 0~40ºC
Relative humidity 20~95% no condensation


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