Ismatec BV-GE Peristaltic pump

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Ismatec BV-GE Peristaltic pump
The BV-GE is a compact peristaltic pump for universal use designed to easily meet the requirements of numerous pumping applications with flow-rates up to max. 520 ml/min (BV-GE) or 1110 ml/min (BV-GES) resp.
The control panel allows you to set the flow-direction (cw and ccw) and control the flow-rate by adjusting the speed via a two-digit potentiometer. Additionally, the BV-GE pump is also controllable via an analog interface.
Intended area of application:
The BV-GE is a standard tubing pump designed for feeding, sucking, dosing and circulating liquids and gases in general laboratories and similar areas of application. Depending on the use of the corresponding tubing material it is suitable
for almost all liquids (also those liquids which contain particles), corrosives and abrasive substances and gases. When using sterilizable tubing, the pump can also be used for pumping under sterile conditions.
Drive with DC motor
 Variable speed
 Analog interface
 Up to 10 pump channels
 Interchangeable tube-beds
Dims 19cm (D) x 25cm (W) x 23cm (H)
115/230 v
110 W
PDF Manual
Serial# 03739-00023


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