Invitrogen BenchPro™ 4100 Western Processing System

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Invitrogen BenchPro™ 4100 Western Processing System
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    Eliminates tedious hands-on work
    Increases consistent results
    Eliminates operator errors
    Prevents contamination from one blot to the next
    Capable of executing any western detection protocol

Western blot processing—made easy
Western analysis of proteins is an essential part of many workflows because of the high sensitivity and specificity that can be obtained. However the process is long and time consuming.  A typical western analysis  protocol can take between 6 and 16 hours to perform, and a significant part of the time is spent on western blot processing. The western blot processing may include more then a dozen individual blocking, washing, incubation, and rinsing steps.  This lengthy and tedious process can result in inconsistencies and errors.  The BenchPro™ 4100 Western Processing System is designed to eliminate the need for manual processing of routine liquid-handling steps.  With an on-board CPU and an intuitive interface, the BenchPro™ system makes it easy to create and run western protocols reproducibly and error-free.
Power: 100 - 250V 50/60Hz
Dimensions: D61 x W44 x H34 cm
Serial# 841000504
The BenchPro™ 4100 Western Card is a disposable, single-use card that is inserted into the slot on top of the BenchPro™ 4100 Card Processing Station. Developed for immunodetection, the card holds the membrane to be processed in a Blot Holder. During operation, reagents are pumped from reagent bottles and vials located in the reagent tray, into the card and around the membrane. The order of reagents used and timing of protocol steps are based on the protocol selected.
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