Instron 3366 Dual Column Tabletop Universal Testing System

Instron 3366 Dual Column Tabletop Universal Testing System
The Instron 3300 Series of mechanical testing systems provide simplicity, performance, and the highest level of quality needed for QC labs and production testing. Our attention to every element of the system is what separates Instron from other testing equipment suppliers and allows us to confidently report the accuracy, repeatability, and reproducibility of our results. From routine, standardized QC tests to general purpose mechanical testing, the 3300 family is Instron’s solution for everyday testing in the modern laboratory.

The 3360 Series dual column tabletop testing systems perform tensile, compression, and bend tests on products and materials such as elastomers, plastics, medical devices, rope, textiles, and automotive parts where maximum forces are less than 50 kN (11,250 lbf).
Model 3366 has max Force capacity kN 10
 Instron quality and reliability means reduced operation costs
 System self-diagnostics to expedite trouble shooting and minimize downtime
 Compatibility with most existing Instron grips, fixtures and extensometers in your lab
The Instron Advanced Video Extensometer (Part 2663-821) and Calibration Bar are included in this sale.
Note there are no grips or fixtures included on this sale, the sale does include the original dell PC supplied by Instron complete with Bluehillv2.6 software
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