IKA RW28 Basic Overhead Stirrer with IKA telescopic stand


IKA RW28 Basic Overhead Stirrer with IKa telescopic stand

The IKA Overhead Stirrer RW28 gives dual speed ranges, mechanical control and reliable operating for low to highly viscous applications. Two speed ranges giving a variety of steps between 60-1400 rpm.
The stirrer has a constant power drive, will stir up to 80 liters of water, and has a viscosity range 10000-50000 mPas.  The robust design on this overhead mixer features chemically resistant thermoplastic housing, overload protection, and easy to change clamping range of 1-10 mm shafts.
Stirring quantity max. (H2O)  [l] 80
Motor rating input  [W] 220
Motor rating output  [W] 90
Speed display scale
Speed range  [1/min] 60 - 1400
Viscosity max.  [mPas] 50000
Output max. at stirring shaft   [W] 90
Permissible ON time  [%] 100
Torque max. at stirring shaft  [Ncm] 900
Torque max. at stirring shaft at 60 1/min (overload)  [Ncm] 1144
Torque max. at stirring shaft at 100 1/min  [Ncm] 900
Torque max. at stirring shaft at 1.000 1/min  [Ncm] 86
Speed range I (50 Hz)  [1/min] 60 - 400
Speed range II (50 Hz)  [1/min] 240 - 1400
Speed range I (60 Hz)  [1/min] 72 - 480
Speed range II (60 Hz)  [1/min] 288 - 1680
Speed control stepless
Stirring element fastening chuck
Chuck range min. diameter  [mm] 1
Chuck range max. diameter  [mm] 10
Hollow shaft, inner diameter  [mm] 10.5
Hollow shaft (push-through ¿ when stopped) yes
Fastening on stand extension arm Extension arm diameter  [mm] 16
Extension arm length  [mm] 145
Torque display no
Nominal torque  [Nm] 9.0
Dimensions (W x H x D)  [mm] 123 x 364 x 252 Weight  [kg] 7.4
Permissible ambient temperature  [°C] 5 - 40
Permissible relative moisture  [%] 80
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP 42
RS 232 interface no
Analog output no
Voltage  [V] 220 - 240 / 115 / 100
Frequency  [Hz] 50/60
Power input  [W] 220
Supplied with
1. R2723 Telescopic stand
Particularly stable stand with H-shape base which prevents the stand from tipping backwards.
Additionally equipped with a pneumatic spring stand rod, which enables heavy instruments/ attachments to be raised and lowered smoothly without difficulty, e.g. with rheological measurements using overhead stirrers. The stand has an adjustment screw which can be used to compensate for an uneven laboratory table surface.
Dimensions (W x D): 460 x 420 mm Height: 620 - 1.010 mm
2. R271 Boss Head Clamp
3. R270 Boss Head Clamp 

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