IKA RET® control-visc C Safety Hot Plate Stirrer

IKA RET® control-visc C Safety Hot Plate Stirrer
RET® control-visc is the strongest magnetic stirrer in its class
The RET® control-visc is a magnetic stirrer whose remarkable technical functions have been developed for demanding applications. The unit mainly focuses on three core  competences:  1. Safety, 2. Power, 3. Intelligence.
This is made possible by > using high performance electronic components, > intelligent heating technology, >  a motor designed specifically for a variety of applications (including high-viscous fluids) and >  high quality standards applied during the  production process. 

Insulated composite heating plate.
With the unique structure of the composite heating plate, the RET® control-visc minimizes the loss through eddy currents when heating and stirring. The integrated high-tech insulation optimizes the heat transfer into the medium by minimizing thermal losses. The built-in heating foil ensures an even temperature allocation on the heating plate.
135mm White enamel top plate
The display indicates selected and actual temperature, selected and actual speed, viscosity, and errors regarding temperature and speed settings. When an optional probe (33994-016 or 33998-224) is connected, the display provides selected and actual temperature in the medium. When a probe is not connected, the display provides selected and actual temperature of the hot plate. A “HOT” warning message indicates when the plate is hot, even if the unit is turned off.
Features include soft start to minimize spills, electronic speed monitoring and control system, and “fuzzy logic” microprocessor for self-optimizing temperature control. Set speed is maintained even if viscosity changes. All models include an RS-232 serial interface that allows temperature and speed profiles to be controlled by and documented with a computer. Optional labworldsoft* software allows you to control and document all measuring values via a PC
Max Temp 340°c
PDF Manual
Serial# 01.625898
Dims 28cm (D) x 16cm (W) x 10cm (H)


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