IKA EUROSTAR POWER control-visc overhead stirrers


IKA EUROSTAR POWER control-visc Overhead stirrers

digital laboratory stirrer, for tasks up to the high viscosity range, 230V, 1/cs
20 to 2000 rpm, 60 Ncm

IKA® EUROSTAR Power Control-Visc Stirrer

Premium quality variable speed electric motors have extra torque for stirring high-viscosity materials, up to 40 L (in terms of H2O). Note: Order stirring shafts separately. Same features as EUROSTAR power basic, additionally: Iabworldsoft software is available to allow speed and torque parameters to be controlled, regulated and documented via a PC.

• Powerful, digital laboratory stirrer for tasks up to the - high viscosity - range
• Digital speed/torque display
• Viscosity max.: 50,000 cps
• Digital display presents rated - / actual speed
• Integrated torque trend display for viscosity control
• Analog interface for recording speed and torque
• RS 232 interface

chuck size 0.5‑10 mm
feature CE compliant
mfr. no. IKA 2600000
max. torque 60 Ncm
H × W × D 205 mm × 80 mm × 190 mm
weight 3.8 kg

Power: 230V 50/60 Hz, 130W
Serial No: 00.225705

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