Hitachi F-2000 Fluorescence Spectrometer / Fluorimeter


Hitachi F-2000 Fluorescence Spectrometer / Fluorimeter

The F-2000 is designed to offer high performance and excellent reliability in an easy to operate system. Programmable functions include: Photometry Mode, WL Scan Mode, TIme Scan Mode, Test Menu Mode, Calibration, and Remote control. Features: * Light Source: 150 W Xenon lamp with ozone dissociation function * Wavelength Range: 220 to 730 nm and 0 order light on excitation and emission sides * Wavelength Accuracy: Better than plus or minus 5nm * Wavelength Scan Rate: 15, 60, 240, 1200 nm/min * Response speed: 0.1, 0.5, 2, or 8 seconds for 0to 98 % response * Photometric value indicating range: 0.0 to 9999 * Photometric principle: Monochromatic beam monitoring, ratio calculation * Minimum sample requirement: 0.6ml with use of the standared 10 mm cell * CRT: 9 inch monochrome CRT display * Recorder: Thermal printer (110mm chart width) * Data processing functions: Pre scan, Quantitative Cal., Spectral measurement, Time varying measurement * Measurement condition storage: up to 20 parameters * Performance guaranteed temp range: 5 to 35 C * Performance guaranteed humidity range: 45 to 80 %



Physically in nice condition

Display is good and Bright and focused

Runs through Initialisation Program

New Xenon Bulb - Needs Aligning with pure Water sample



W50 x H50 x D80

240V 50/60Hz 1.7A

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