Heidolph Hei-MIX Incubator 1000

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Heidolph Hei-MIX Incubator 1000
This truly unique system enables you to perform a number of functions simultaneously, featuring Polymax 1040, Heating Module and High Hood
Polymax 1040 (5° tilt angle)
P/N: 543-42210-00
The incubating model
The Polymax 1040 is a medium-sized model and accepts load capacities of 5 kg
Model with a tilt angle of 5° for soft and gentle movements
Use this model for any vessel – from culture plates and media bottles to Erlenmeyer flasks – there is no limit
Set and continuously adjust the variable speed on the analog control knob from 2 to 50 rpm – ideal for cell culture plates
This model is suitable for the modular incubator system and is recommended for applications which require variable temperature control up to 65 °C
An analog process timer allows for unattended operation and can be set from 1 to 120 minutes. When the set time has elapsed an acoustic alarm will sound and the operation stops
Platform size 290 x 258 mm
Max. Load 5 kg
Heating Module
P/N: 549-90010-00
Heating capacity of 300 W allows for quick temperature adjustments
Digital temperature settings up to 65 °C and separate display for actual temperature
To protect your sample from thermal damages this unit features a safety circuit to prevent overheating
Electrical heater comes with low-noise blower and provides accuracy of ± 2 °C up to 50 °C and ± 4 °C over 50 °C
High hood
P/N: 549-90030-00
For high vessels and flasks
The high incubator hood has a total height of 267 mm
Recommended especially for large flasks and media bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks up to 500 ml and mediumsized or large common vessels
Transparent and non-fogging PETG material allows for sample viewing and easy cleaning
Serial# Polymax 049901490
            Heating Module 069900664
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