Harvard Apparatus Fluovac

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Harvard Apparatus Fluovac System

Small Animal Anaethesia For Vet Surgery
Model: 34-0387
Serial No: K 016954
The Fluovac Systems combines small animal anesthesia with operator safety.
• Actively absorbs anesthetic vapors from the work area, protecting personnel
    from exposure
• Specially designed nose cones allow optimal access to animals during surgery
• Four different mask sizes available for mice through rabbits
• Incorporates special double-mask design to supply and scavenge anesthetic
    gases simultaneously
• Requires minimal maintenance
• Fluosorber canisters ordered separately from Harvard Apparatus.
The Harvard Apparatus Fluovac system,
incorporating the Fluosorber canister (not included), combines small animal anaesthesia with operator safety. The Fluovac provides a sensible answer to waste anaesthetic gasses in the operating room.
This system was specifically designed to deliver anaesthetic gasses though a central mask and simultaneously remove gasses by suction from the outer mask.
The fluovac is quiet must for all veterinary operating theatres. Economi easily adaptable, to all anaesthetic machines.

The Fluosorber consists of a canister containing activated carbon; this unit sits on top of the fluovac and adsorbs anaesthetic gas extremely efficiently, protecting you and your staff from dangerous waste gasses.
Genetic mutations, cancer, complications during pregnancy, hepatic and renal disease, immunological effects and psychomotor changes have all been linked with exposure to trace anaesthetic gasses.
Because most halogenated anaesthetic gasses can’t be detected unless in high concentrations, proper scavenging is essential.
Cannisters =not included
Power: 230V AC 50Hz
Parts Guide:
Consumables available from:
Biochrom Ltd.
Building 1020,
Cambourne Business Park,
CB23 6DW

Fax to 01223 420 164
or by email to orders@biochrom.co.uk
34-1456  GAS FLOW DIRECTA VALVE £107.00
34-0415  IMS FLUOSORBER Cannisters PK/6 £104.00
34-1379  MOUSE MASK SINGLE SZ 0.5 £136.00
34-0389  FLUOVAC ANESTH MASKS SIZE 1 £166.00
34-0390  FLUOVAC ANESTH MASKS SIZE 2 £215.00
34-0391  FLUOVAC ANESTH MASKS SIZE 3 £230.00
34-0426  CORR PLAS TUBE 22mm TAPER 10m £15.00
34-1274  8.13.2 PVC Tubing 6mm 2m Len. £6.18
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