Hart Scientific 1521 Reference Thermometer

Hart Scientific 1521 Reference Thermometer , Now Fluke 1523
In manuafacturers case with Probe, and Charger
Calibration Out of Date.
    Reads PRTs/RTDs to ±0.025°C and themistors to ±0.005°C
    Model 1522 stores multiple data sets totaling 10,000 readings
    INFO-CON connector allows interchangeable use of calibrated probes
    INFO-CON elminates errors from programming probe data
The Fluke Calibration 1521 / 1522 thermometers are the first standards thermometers to fit into a battery-powered handheld package. With accuracy to ±0.005°C, the 1521 / 1522 thermometers are the two most powerful handheld thermometers in the world. You'll only find this level of accuracy in large desktop units that cost three times more. Fitting easily into your hand and weighing only 0.4 kg (1 pound), 1521 / 1522 thermometers can go anywhere and will give you total confidence in the accuracy of your measurements.
Additionally, the 1522 has the power of a full data logger with memory to hold 10,000 readings.
The 1521 / 1522 thermometers read both Pt-25 and Pt-100 RTDs as well as thermistors with an accuracy unheard of for handheld instruments. From –200°C to 100°C, the 1521 reads PRTs accurately to ±0.025°C. Even at 800°C, these are high-precision readouts, accurate to ±0.1°C. 1521/1522 thermometers also read thermistors to ±0.005°C at temperatures below 50°C. Accuracy at 100°C is ±0.02°C. 1521 / 1522 thermometers let you select resolution from 0.1° to 0.001° and offer the accuracy to support even 0.001° resolution.
Power: 100V-240 VAC
PDF Manual Available
Serial# 9A184


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