Hach HT 200S High Temperature Thermostat in as new condition

Hach HT 200S High Temperature Thermostat
High speed Digestion

With User Manual
Purchased 2011, Little used. As new condition.
Fast and cost effective digestion in 15 minutes
Heating block with HSD technology (High Speed Digestion) for extremely fast digestion of samples
The special construction of the high temperature thermostat allows fast heating and cooling times for up to twelve cuvettes or reaction vessels.
    Saves time in the analysis of COD, TNb, Ptot and heavy metals
    Automatic fast cooling
    Variable digestion time and temperature for special digestions
    COD results in just 35 minutes

Dimensions (H x W x D): 330 mm x 300 mm x 430 mm
Display: 2-line alphanumeric display
Display resolution: 5 x 7 Dot matrix
Display size: 2 x 16 characters
Display type: LCD
Heating programmes: Pre-programmed for 100°C, HT and COD mode and freely selectable 40-170°C, 5-240 min
Heating rate: from 20 °C - 148 °C in 8 minutes
Manual languages: English, French, German
Max. operating humidity: 90 %
Number of cuvettes: 12 x 20 mm diameter
Operating temperature range: 10 - 45 °C
Power supply: 230 V +5%/-15%, 50 Hz, 1300 VA
Safety checks: CE, GS
Storage conditions: -40 °C - 60 °C
Temperature stability: ± 1 °C in conformity with EN, ISO, EPA methods
User interface: 3 softkeys
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Danish
User programmes: 9 free temperature/time
Weight: 12 kg
Serial# 1341242


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