Grant W6-KD/TD (W6 6 liter bath tank + KD/TD Stirrer/Controller)

Grant W6-KDd/TD (W6 6 liter bath tank +  Stirrer/Controller)
General purpose stirred bath
Economically priced general purpose baths which provide consistent temperature control over the range 0 to 150C and are suitable for a variety of applications where temperature uniformity and stability are important
Tank is made from stainless steel with an easytoclean, solvent resistant plastics outer case. Straight forward working instructions are printed on the side of the case.
The control unit is mounted on a bridge plate, offering temperature setting and providing a powerful stirring to ensure good temperature uniformity throughout the bath.
The unit is protected by a user-resettable, fixed over-temperature cutout.
Serial# 118913017
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