Gilson Microman Precision Microliter Pipette Gilson MICROMAN M25 50-250uL


Gilson  Microman Precision Microliter Pipette

GILSON     Gilson MICROMAN M25 50-250uL

New In Manufacturers Box from a Lab Clearance
List Price: £ 189.26 (Gilson UK Website) BARGAIN HALF PRICE £95.00

The Pipette of Choice for Problem Liquids!
The Gilson MICROMAN is a fully adjustable, positive-displacement pipette that, together with its Capillary Pistons (CPs), will ensure accuracy and precision when pipetting problem liquids, and offer full protection against cross contamination.
Your Benefits
Accuracy and Precision
Gilson's effective solution for problem liquids. MICROMAN specifications are 3 to 4 times better than an air displacement pipette when pipetting viscous or volatile liquids. underscore

Contamination Barrier
No contact between liquid and pipette provides the ultimate contamination protection for sample, pipette and user. underscore

Time Saving
Pipette volatile liquids without having to saturate air cushion. underscore

Any applications requiring the pipetting of viscous, volatile, dense or contaminated liquids and hazardous or radioactive compounds: Molecular biology, forensic science, PCR studies, as well as environment, petrochemistry, food and beverage, cosmetics ...

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