Gen Probe Luminex 200


Gen Probe Luminex 200


Multiplexed Genomic and Proteomic Biomarker Analysis
With Xponent 4.2 Rev Sofware Disc, and Dell PC, Both renewed 12 Months ago
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Serial No: LX10010337404

The industry standard. The standard instrument for multiplexing able to perform up to 80 different tests in a single reaction volume. The instrument is flow cytometry-based and capable of delivering fast and cost effective results.

Luminex® 200TMFlexible Multiplexing Technology
The Luminex 200 sets the standard for multiplexing with thousands of instruments sold globally.
The ability to perform up to 100 different tests in a single reaction volume and to use either magnetic beads or plain polystyrene beads makes this instrument a popular choice for laboratories needing greater flexibility. Additionally, the Luminex 200 is able to offer higher sample throughput with a 96-well plate read time of only 45 minutes.

Multiplexing: Up to 100 analytes per sample volume (80 on MagPlex® microspheres)
• Dynamic Range (Typical): >3.5 logs
• Read Time: 96-well plate in ≤ 45 min (up to 12,800 tests/hour)
• Daily Start-Up/Shut-Down: ≤ 30 mi


xPONENT software
xPONENT software is a modular, flexible, software package for control of the MAGPIX, 200, and FLEXMAP 3D systems, offering:

Intuitive graphical user interface for simplified workflow
Automated startup, shutdown, and routine maintenance operations
Enhanced data analysis and report generation capabilities
21 CFR Part 11 ready
Automation and LIS connectivity

  • 200 System
    Optics Lasers/APDs/PMTs
    Hardware Flow cytometry based
    Software xPonent 3.1
    Applications Protein/Nucleic Acid
    Bead compatibility Magnetic/polystyrene
    Multiplex capacity 100
    Read time (96-well plate) ~ 40 min
    Dynamic range 3.5 logs
    Sensitivity Detect 1,000 PE fluorochromes per xMAP microsphere
    Microtiter plate 96 well
    Weight (Analyzer) 49 kg (113 lbs)
    Magnetic 96-well Separator


xPONENT software benefits

Modular and flexible—Designed for ease of use, xPONENT software allows novice, occasional, and advanced users set up and run assays in minimal amounts of time.
User customization—The default graphical user interface follows a typical assay workflow, and it can be customized to meet the needs of individual laboratories.
Powerful data analysis—Industry-standard curve fitting models for quantitative analysis, allelic ratios for genotyping, and qualitative algorithms for immunology assays in addition to data visualization tools

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