Gallenkamp Vacuum Oven OVA031.XX1.5

Gallenkamp Vacuum Oven OVA031.XX1.5
31 litres
260 x 375 x 310mm ID HWD
OD 420 x 630 x 425mm HWD
Temp range 30 to 200 C
Controls on LHS include dial vac gauge, dial thermostat, on/off switch, o/h th/st, vacuum valve
Dial vacuum gauge
Max 1000W, 24V
Toughened glass window in door
Tough epoxy painted steel outside
One shelf, 3 shelf positions
This Gallenkamp vacuum oven is particularly useful for controlled atmosphere heating (e.g. curing of resins under nitrogen or reduced oxygen conditions). Since the inner chamber is sealed, it may also be suitable for solvent removal work, subject to adequate exhaust and ventilation conditions being provided for the oven and room
Features of the Gallenkamp Vacuum Oven Include:
Vacuum Controls
Reliable, needle type inlet and exhaust valves are fitted. These are situated near the bottom front corner of the oven for convenient connection to a vacuum pump, vapour trap or exhaust. The serrated nozzles accept flexible vacuum tubing of 10-12mm bore. A vacuum gauge is fitted showing vacuum pulled, from 0 to 1000 mbar.
Tough Construction
The outer case is tough, stoved epoxy-polyester painted steel, to look good even under the most demanding working conditions.The vacuum chamber is a robust light alloy casting supplied with two shelves and three shelf positions.
The chamber is heated by large area heater panels strapped to its outer surface
Glass fibre insulation maintains safe, low outer case temperatures. The chamber is closed by a 12.5mm thick toughened glass plate sealing onto a silicone rubber gasket. This glass plate is mounted onto the door by 4 spring-loaded pins to ensure an excellent, even seal to the chamber. Door closure is achieved via a strong and positive twist action latch. As an extra safety precaution a 4mm thick shatter resistant polycarbonate safety shield
covers the door window.
Serial # SG92/04/695

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As this oven is a little more stained than our usual products we have reflected the condition in our pricing



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