Forte BIO Octet Red96 BLI Detection system


Forte BIO Octet Red96 BLI Detection system

• 8-well simultaneous detection
• Small molecule, fragment analysis
• Protein and antibody characterization
• Re-rack and reuse biosensors
• Dip and Read™ simplicity

ForteBio’s Octet RED96 system is a multi-functional, label-free, real-time analysis instrument. It is ideal for rapidly measuring concentration of proteins and other biomolecules, measuring kinetics and affinity, and screening protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions. The Octet RED96 system can be used for a wide range of analyses including IgG and other protein titer, bioprocess development, quality analysis, crude antibody screening, epitope binning/mapping, ligand binding assays, small molecule and fragment screening and Octet RED96 System Superior quantitation and kinetics performance with increased cost efficiency analysis, elucidating cell signaling mechanisms and infectious disease monitoring. Replace your stodgy HPLC, ELISA and other single-purpose microfluidics instruments for a unique, cutting-edge, protein analysis system that accelerates and simplifies your work.

Protein-Protein Kinetics
ka, M-1s-1 102 – 107
kd, s-1 10-6 – 10-1
KD, M 1 mM – 10 pM

Protein-Small Molecule Kinetics
ka, M-1s-1 102 – 107
kd, s-1 10-6 – 10-1
KD, M 1 mM – 10 pM

Data Acquisition Rate Options
2, 5 and 10 Hz

Dimensions 47 cm (H) x 43 cm (D) x 53 cm (W)
Weight (28.6 Kg)

Complete with PC and software

Serial# FB-50372

2016 Model

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