Forma Scientific 917 -86°C Freezer


Forma Scientific 917 -86°C Freezer

The 900 Series Forma Scientific non-CFC, Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers feature front-to-back air circulation for cooler compressor temperatures, increased performance and reliability and longer compressor life. In this unique system, ambient air enters the front grill of the freezer and passes through the filter, condenser and compressor
housing, exiting out of the rear of the unit.
An enlarged condenser and two cooling fans also contribute to better efficiency and help extend compressor life.

a. Non-CFC, non-HCFC and non-Flammable Refrigerants
Committed to a safer, healthier environment, Forma Scientific has phased out the use of ozone depleting CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) in all ultra-low temperature freezers. Forma also uses non-CFC foamed-in-place urethane insulation

b. Peak Control System
Due to the increased demands on today's refrigeration systems, Forma Scientific has engineered a compressor protection system called PEAK Control. In this system, a pressure switch senses excessive compressor discharge pressure. When the discharge pressure exceeds the design limit, a solenoid valve opens allowing refrigerant to enter an expansion tank.
The refrigerant returns to the system through a capillary tube. The PEAK Control System continues to monitor system pressures, insuring they stay within design limits to help extend compressor life.

c. "Smart" Condenser Fans
For maximum compressor protection, all Forma ULT freezers include two tube axial fans in the compressor housing. When both compressors are running, both fans operate to pull ambient air through the condenser and over the compressors. When both
compressors are off, one fan remains ready to cycle on when the thermostat senses a temperature rise above 32°C.

d. Built-In Automatic Voltage Compensation
A built-in, automatic voltage compensator is built into every Forma 900 Series non-CFC, Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer to detect and respond to high or low voltage situations. Voltage from the incoming power supply is monitored and adjusted by the automatic voltage compensator, ensuring compressor operation within design parameters. A light on the front of the control panel indicates when incoming voltage is being corrected.

Temperature -50° C (-58°F) to -86° C (-123°F)
Exterior Dimensions
85cm W x 198 cm H x 94 cm D
Interior Dimensions
58 cm W x 131 cm H x 64 cm D
Capacity (490 liters)
Refrigeration Two, 1/2 HP Compressors (Cascade System)
Insulation Type: Non-CFC foamed-in-place urethane
230VAC, 1PH , 60 Hz, 12 FLA
Operating Range: 208VAC - 240VAC

Serial# 72937-3375

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