FluidX XTR-Single Tube Reader

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FluidX XTR-Single Tube Reader

The FluidX Orbit Single Tube Reader takes just moments to set up with automatic calibration to decode all 2d-coded tubes . Simply plug into a PC or laptop and our software will do the rest .

Use with all 2D barcoded tubes, any make, any size All FluidX Single Tube Readers are compatible with any 2D Data Matrix barcoded tubes The FluidX Orbit Reader will quickly scan tubes in 24, 48, 96, 240 and 384 rack formats, as well as larger capacity tubes including glass compound storage tubes, cryo tubes and biological sample tubes.(size does not matter.)


Key Features:

• For high performance decoding at a low price.

• Use with all 2D barcoded tubes, any size, any make.

• Results in an instant.

• Data exported direct to any application.

• Quick to set up and easy to use.

Technical Data:

FluidX Orbit Single Tube Reader

For use with all 2D Data Matrix barcoded sample storage tubes.

2d barcode readers

Code formats

Datamatrix, ISO 16022, square and rectangular format, ECC200, 0 to 20 grid sizes, white on black, black on white, numeric and


Sensor type

1/3” CCD
Light source

Read time

Less than 1 second per tube

Ambient operating temperature

5 to 50°C

Tube compatibility:

All tubes in 24, 48, 96, 240 and 384-formats.

Glass compound storage tubes, cryo tubes, biological sample tubes

Dimensions: 90mm (H) X 100mm (W) X 100mm (D)
Weight: 0.25 Kg
Power requirements: 5V DC 0.1A max. supplied through USB

User interface: FluidX GUI

Cable length: 1.5m

Cable interface: USB 2.0

Operating system: windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8

Serial# E888-AC8A-7F-9E53-27C6

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