Edwards PR10-K vacuum Guage Head


Edwards PR10-K vacuum Guage Head

Part Number D024-22-000
1000 to 10-3 m/bar
KF 10 Connection Flange

The well proven, cost effective and reliable Pirani range has a substantial user base with a successful track record in the measurement of rough and backing pressures across a broad spectrum of applications.

Pressure range     5 to 1 × 10-3 mbar
Maximum overpressure     2 bar absolute

Operating temperature     
Gauge head     5 - 60 °C
Storage temperature     -10 to 70 °C

Materials exposed to vacuum     Aluminium HETF, tungsten, PTFE, nickel

Will work togeher with the Edwards Pirani11 Vacuum Guage as per our stock Ref H046,

We have 2 available, price is per item

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