Edwards ITO20 Catchpot, ITC20 inlet chemical trap

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Edwards ITO20 Catchpot

ITC20 inlet chemical trap
Type A44411000

Protection against various aggressive vapors, which may attack the pump or pump oil
Prevent high molecular weight vapors (such as might arise in a resin treatment plant), from reaching the pump. These vapors could cause lacquering or clogging
The standard sorbent (activated charcoal), has relatively high trapping properties (absorbs around 25% of its own weight), even when large amounts of water vapor are being pumped
When filled with activated alumina on two-stage pumps, backstreaming of pump oil can be controlled

Serial No: 076281802

Charcoal charge 0.4 kg

Type: Inlet Catchpot
Inlet connection: KF25
Outlet connection: KF25

Height: 205 mm
Diameter: 171 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg

Suitable for use on pumps up to: 20 CMH in size

Filters and Clamps can be sourced at Edwards Web Shop:

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