Edward 2 Stage High Vacuum Pump Model E2M2


Edward 2 Stage High Vacuum Pump Model E2M2

with User Manual

The Edwards 2 E2M2 dual stage rotary vane mechanical vacuum pump offers an excellent ultimate pumping speed. The Edwards 2 E2M2 has superior vapor handling capabilities, while operating quietly. They are very reliable and have accessories to match any application. Applications Include use with Refrigeration dehydration, Brake line evacuation, Epoxy degassing, Sterilization, Mass spectrometry, Vacuum ovens, Lasers, Backing combinations, Thin film coating, Vacuum distillation, Freeze drying, Space research and other vacuum processes. The Edwards 2 E2M2 vacuum pumps have a pumping speed displacement at 60Hz of 1.5 CFM and an ultimate pressure of 7.5 X 10 -4 Torr.

Technical Data:


  • Peak Pumping Speed 1.5 cfm
  • Ultimate Pressure 7.5 x 10-4 Torr (1x10-3 mbar)
  • Noise Level 52 dB(A) Connection - Inlet NW25 - Exhaust NW25
  • Max water vapor inlet pressure 10 torr (15 m bar)
  • Max water vapor capacity 30 grams / hr
  • Physical Data 40 lbs 16.65 Lx5.9 W x 8.6 H in
  • Electrical Supply - 1-phase 110-240V 3 phase 200-460V
  • Operating temperature range 12-40 C
  • Oil Capacity 0.6 L - Oil Type Ultragrade 19
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