Dynex Technologies MRX TC II Microplate Absorbance Reader


Dynex Technologies MRX TC II Microplate Absorbance Reader

The MRX II microplate reader combines excellent performance, data
export capability, and the features most labs need in a compact,
economical package. The stand-alone MRX II can save and recall up to
100 assays, 20 standard curves, and 100 96-well plate data files. This
unit’s standard output is to an optional attached printer, and the reader
can be upgraded to Revelation software control at a future date. Data
files from the MRX II can be exported on a 3.5” diskette in an ASCII
format that is easily read by Microsoft Excel®

The TC11 features temperature contol


The MRX II and MRX Revelation Microplate Absorbance Readers perform
many research and clinical applications. Here are several examples:
• 96-well Enzyme Immunoassay (ELISA) for infectious diseases,
autoimmune diseases
• Cyclic Nucleotides
• Eicosanoids
• Free Radicals
• Chemokines
• Cell Adhesion
• Apoptosis Markers
• Nucleosome Analysis
• p53
• PCR Detection
• RT-PCR Detection

Dims 39cm (D) x 36cm (W) x 22cm (H)

Serial # 1CXD3363

As per close up image, this item is failing it's self test start up procedure
hence we are selling for spares or repair only

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