Dynex MRX Revelation Absorbance Micro Plate Reader

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Dynex MRX Revelation Absorbance Micro Plate Reader
Microplate UV/VIS detector
The Dynex MRX TC Revelation 96-well microplate reader has a 400nm to 850nm spectral range and temperature control. 3 standard onboard filters: 405, 450 and 492nm. Single/dual or multiple wavelength readings; dual wavelength reads in less than 6 seconds, single wavelength reads in less than 4 seconds. Accuracy: 2.5% or 0.005 OD whichever is greater (0 to 3.5 OD). Linearity: 0.000 to 2.000 OD, ±1%, and 2.001 to 3.500 OD, ±1.5%. Dynamic Range: -0.100 to 4.000 OD Endpoint, kinetic plate reads to 1000 per plate, plate shaking, calculation range. Built-in PC software for full data analysis and expanded operations.

Temperature range is ambient to 63C with stability of ±0.5C and accuracy of ±1C. Time to temperature is 8 minutes. User friendly: Create Quick Start buttons for one-touch assay analysis and GLP compliant. On-board self-diagnostics.
Keyboard and mouse and Monitor are not included.
The MRX TC absorbance reader is ideal for a range of research and clinical applications, including:
Enzyme Immunoassay (ELISA) for infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases
Cyclic nucleotides
Free radicals
Cell adhesion
Apoptosis markers
Nucleosome analysis
PCR detection
RT-PCR detection
It has a Pentium 75 processor, Windows 95, and Revelation v4.02 software on the internal hard drive; no passwords needed.
The instrument passed the Revelation self-tests and appears to work fine. The software reports six filters installed: 405, 450, 490, 550, 620 and 690 nm.
Serial: 1CXD3281
Power: 100V to 240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions:D39 x W36 x H22 cm
Weight: 13Kg
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