Dwyer LPCP-2 Low Pressure Calibration Pump

Dwyer LPCP-2 Low Pressure Calibration Pump
Pre owned, but New in Manufacturers packing with Manual
Range -40 to 40kPa
The Model LPCP Low Pressure Calibration Pump is a low air pressure source with the ability to easily adjust and stabilize. This hand pump possesses a pressure range of ± 5.8 psi; uses air as the media, and can adjust the pressure easily with great stability. The LPCP is made up of quick connectors for fast instrument connect and disconnect. The pump has a heat-insulator between the cover and pressure chamber to lessen the heat effect during the micro-pressure calibration. The adjusting resolution is up to 0.01 Pa (0.0001 mbar). These features make the LPCP ideal for calibrating pressure transducers, precision pressure gages, and other pressure instruments.
Media:    Air.
Output Ranges:    5.8 psi (0.4 bar) vacuum to 5.8 psi (0.4 bar) positive pressure.
Pressure Resolution:    0.01 Pa; 0.0001 mbar.
Process Connection:    M20*1.5 or 1/4" NPT.
Gage Connection:    M20*1.5 or 1/4" NPT.
Material:    Ram/adapters: 316 SS; Body: Steel/aluminum; Seals: Buna-N.
Weight:     2.21 lb (1.0 kg).
Can work in conjunction wiith Dwyer Manometer, see our stock Reference H311


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