Diastron BLS780 Ballistometer

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Diastron BLS780 Ballistometer

The Torsional Ballistometer (BLS780) instrument’s principle is based on an impact and indentation method to evaluate in-vivo skin firmness and elasticity. The testing head end is particularly compact and non-gravity dependent, allowing access to small test sites such as around the eyes. The BLS780 instrument is typically used to assess anti-ageing and moisturising products, cellulite, or the quality of wound and burn healing.

To measure increases and decreases of firmness and elasticity within the skin.

Works at any angle, non-gravity dependent
Measures small, inaccessible test sites
Tests for different materials
Consistency with probe arm
Lightweight and easy to transport

Serial# 780.98.01.003

Complete with power supply, probe, foot swiatch and carry case however we have no software so selling at a spares/repair price

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