Dedolight Dedocool Standard 2-Light Kit

Dedolight Dedocool Standard 2-Light Kit
Product Highlights
Concentrated Light in a Small Fixture
Max 500W
Reduced Heat Fixtures
This Dedolight Dedocool Standard 2-Light Kit is designed specifically to meet the special requirements of high speed filmmaking and videography. The Dedocool lights utilize a low wattage, low voltage bulb working in combination with a unique optical system and special reflector to concentrate an intense beam of light over a highly concentrated area.
Two matched heat-reflecting filters and a transmitting mirror route the heat through two forced air ventilators, and out the back of the fixture. Heating of your subject is minimal, even after prolonged shooting sessions.
This fixture will provide a beam of light of 222,000 footcandles @ 8 inches from the front of the fixture. After prolonged use, the ambient temperature @ 8 inches is 138° F (59°C).
The included electronic ballast is dimmable by switching between its 3 power output levels that vary between 21 - 27 Volt, 3000° and 3300°K. It is suitable for multi-voltage (110-240V AC) use.
Fulfills the need for close-up, high-intensity light with cool working temperatures for a broad variety of scientific, medical and industrial film and TV applications
Serial# 0837 917
Sale consists of transformer, 2 lights and cables as per images
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