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Scanvac CoolSafe 55-9 PRO 4lt freeze dryer

Model 55-9

The Scanvac range of CoolSafe freeze dryers from Labogene offers a complete range of research and laboratory freeze dryers from 4 to 9lt volumes and covering temperatures from -55 to -110 °C. A seamless condenser with external cooling coil avoids the needs for gaskets or seals preventing leaks, whilst providing an unrestricted large surface area for ice formation and ensuring that cleaning and de-icing is easy, quick and efficient. The range is also available with a wide variety of accessories and options including: Teflon coated condenser chamber; PC control; vacuum regulation; broad range of manifold options, flasks and chambers. Key features and benefits include:
•Bench top or floor standing
•4,9 or 15lt capacities
•Temperature options include -55, -95, -100 and -110°C
•Built in drain and vacuum calve
•Digital display of temperature
•Microprocessor control and keypad on the Pro versions enables pressure and temperature programming with upto 15 steps
•Electric de-icing as an option on many models in the range
•PRO Superior range offer a fully automated package with all the benefits of the PRO product line and the addition of

o Vacuum valve between pump and condenser for auto run and auto closure

o Pt sensors, one per shelf for precise regulation


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