Compact Quadrupole MS, Mass Spectrometer


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Did you know…here are some of the incredible benefits of the Aspec process MS technique:     

    —One instrument. Many applications
    Available in 100, 200 and 300 amu mass ranges
    —Compact, light weight robust design
    —Hundreds of gasses measured with one instrument
    —Easy configurable design from Gas to Liquid sampling
    —Large dynamic range of measurements (9 decades)
    —Fast reaction speeds. (ms).
    —Very little Sample preparation.
    —Low cost capital expense and cost of ownership
    —PC based, Powerful, Comprehensive software
    —Only requires one Span gas to calibrate concentration
    —Little specialised knowledge required

Installation, Training and Support

Each Aspec Ms system comes installed with 1 days instrument familiarisation and application interfacing and optimisation.

12 months warranty

Ex Demo, installation and training starting at £19,000.00+ VAT.

We also offer MS instrument hire!


This compact, robust designed semi-portable Mass Spectrometer instrument incorporates all the latest Quadrupole and vacuum pumping technology housed in a robust case weighing less than 13kg. It is available in 100, 200 and 300 amu mass ranges that allow the user to select the most suitable instrument mass range that corresponds to the gas components of interest.

Its unique design allows the user to purchase one instrument model and select and connect any one of a number of sample interface systems to match the application.

The powerful analytical software allows data to be quickly collected and either displayed as a full mass spectra (showing all gas species present within a process) or quickly configured to measure specific gas components of interest and data log against time. Both quantitative as well as qualitative data may be achieved with this instrument.

Communication between instrument and controlling PC data system can either be by standard serial COMS cable or Short Range Wireless.


Air cooled. Robust enclosure, aprox: 430x 350 x 160mm <14kg

Mains input voltage: 90- 250vac. 50/60 Hz. <3A

70l/sec Turbo Molecular Drag pump

Chemical resistant diaphragm /sample pump

Automated vacuum system control

6mm st/steel Multi application sample connection port

Built in I/O: 4 x analogue o/p, 2 x analogue inputs, digital ports


Analogue spectra scan of all gas species

Fast Histogram scan of all gas species (< 4s)

Up to 64 gas component qualitative analysis

Up to 64 gas component quantative analysis

ASCII conversion of all data

Other users include BP Conoco, Samsung, Shell Research, MOD, Novartis, GSK Eli Lilly and many international universities.

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