COMET-20 Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis System

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COMET-20 Single Cell Gel Electrophore
sis System
The COMET Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis Systems are designed specifically for single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE). Comet Assays are used to detect and quantify DNA damage and repair within individual cells in genetic toxicology and carcinogenesis studies.
Opaque ebony acrylic tank and lid
provide ideal protection for techniques requiring light-sensitive stains or samples
Cooled central platform
provides a convenient surface for slide preparation in addition to maintaining slide temperature during pre-incubation and electrophoresis (see below)
Cooling ports
can be connected to an external chiller unit: to prevent overheating during SCGE/Comet assays, typically performed at high current settings over 300mA; and to inhibit DNA repair enzyme activity by maintaining the slide temperature at 4°C, either during preparation and mounting or preincubation and electrophoresis
Buffer recirculation ports
can be connected to a peristaltic pump to maintain buffer circulation, preventing ion gradient formation
Colour-coded handles
corresponding to the anode and cathode - serve as a visual aid to ensure that the slides are positioned in the correct polar orientation for the assay

Unit Dimensions (WxLxH) 31x32x6.5cm
Active Tank Dimensions (WxLxH) 27.5x21.5x3.5cm
Recommended Buffer Volume (ml) 600ml
Buffer Recirculation Ports 2
Slide Capacity (25 x 75mm; W x L) 20
Recommended Running Conditions 5V/cm (300mA)
Power Output Connectors (diameter) Shrouded, 4mm
Serial# 3416
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