Cole-Parmer 7520-67 Masterflex Console Drive Peristaltic Pump


Cole-Parmer 7520-67 Masterflex Console Drive Peristaltic Pump

Including 2 EasyLoad II heads - Model77200-52

Aslo with Operator Manual


  •     Economical and Easy-to-Use Analog Drive Offers Precise Speed Control — Ideal for Metering Applications
  •     Reversible Motor—Purge Tubing Before or After Pumping
  •     Separate Single-Turn Speed Control and On / Off / Reverse Switch with Inertia Center and Green LED Power Indicator
  •     The 1/10-HP Reversible Motor has Soft Start and Back EMF for ±2% Speed Control
  •     Stackable ABS Plastic Housing is IP23 Rated for Splash Resistance and Easy Wipedown


The Cole-Parmer 7520-67 Masterflex Console Drive has ±2% speed control for precise flow regulation making it ideal for metering

applications. The simple analog controls let you easily integrate these drives into your lab or process applications. A convenient

carrying handle is molded into the housing. This unit features a rotation speed of 300 RPM.

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