Clifton NE4P Digital Water Heating Circulator complete with 8 Litre Stainless Steel Tank & Stainless Steel Gable Lid


Clifton NE4P Digital Water Heating Circulator complete with 8 Litre Stainless Steel Tank & Stainless Steel Gable Lid

Clifton® Digital Water Heating Circulators designed for external circulation of temperature-controlled water in a closed circuit or maintaining a stable temperature environment in the water bath for immersion of flasks/bottles/racks.

The stainless steel tank contained within a sturdy outer case all providing good water circulation and temperature stability.

The Thermocirculator is robustly constructed from stainless steel for durability. Painted surfaces feature a tough anti-bacterial finish with good chemical resistance. Easy to use controls that wipe clean and have an anti-bacterial finish. Immersed components are corrosion resistant. Quiet running in use and providing excellent water temperature stability in the bath. Indication of heating, over temperature alarm and timer running.

When a low liquid level is detected a “FiLL” message automatically appears and heating is suspended. Once refilled, heating is restored and temperature control resumes automatically. Over and under temperature alarms automatically protect work in the water bath, providing heater cut off, visual message and indicator.

Thermocirculator pump comes with convenient push-fit fittings on both inlet and outlet ports for secure external water circulation.

Featuring bold LED display of measured temperatures in real-time, increments of ±0.1°C, using precision PID temperature control. Settings retained even after turning the unit off.

Easy to use splash proof controls, touch keypads for setting temperature values with indicators for heating, over temperature and alarm. Bold digital LED display.

Features auto setting over and under temperature alarm protecting your work at set temperature

Features and Benefits
1. Stirred Clifton water bath designed for immersion of flasks/bottles/racks in a highly stable temperature environment throughout the water bath.
2. Good water movement and temperature control provides temperature stability throughout the water bath.
3. Broad range of accessories available to suit wide range of applications.
4. To verify the performance of the temperature control system every unit undergoes a factory 2 point calibration procedure adjusting control to known traceable values.
5. Thermostirrer controls and painted surfaces feature “anti-bacterial technology” which inhibits bacterial growth, improving hygiene requirements as demanded by many clinical and laboratory environments. These hygienic surfaces are part of a controlled approach to cleaner facilities. The Clifton range features easy to clean surfaces and finishes that are resistant to routine and efficient disinfection’s. The efficacy of the finish is maintained over time, as the anti-bacterial agent is integral within the finishes.

Temperature Range ambient +5°C - 99°C

Temperature control PID Digital, LED display, resolution 0.1°C

Temperature alarm Under/over temperature alarm is automatically set 4°C above and 4°C below set point.

Sensitivity ±0.05°C

Uniformity ±0.01°C

Heater Power (220-240V) 1250W

Dims 34cm (D) x 27cm (W) x 29cm (H)

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