Camag UV Cabinet 11

CAMAG UV Cabinet with Dual Wavelength UV Lamp
The CAMAG UV Cabinet is designed for inspecting thin-layer chromatograms or other objects under UV light in an undarkened room. It consists of a CAMAG Dual Wavelength UV Lamp and a viewing box. The front of the box is closed with a roller shutter A glass filter in the viewing window protects the eyes against reflected UV light. Great care has been taken to ensure the correct distances 
between UV lamp, object and the observer?s eye in the interest of good illumination and easy viewing.
The lamp can be lifted off the stand and directed against a larger object.
Two types of ultraviolet light are required for inspecting thin-layer chromatograms:
Long-wave UV light 366 nm: Under long-wave UV light fluorescent substances appear as bright, often differently colored zones, on a dark background. The sensitivity increases with the intensity of the UV light and also with the efficiency visible light is eliminated.
Short-wave UV light 254 nm: Under 254 nm UV light substances absorbing light of that wavelength appear as dark zones on a bright background, when the TLC layer contains a fluorescent indicator excited by UV 254 nm.
Dimensions 36cm (D) x 48cm (W) x 36cm (H)
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