Buehler Isomet 5000 Linear Precision Saw


Buehler Isomet 5000 Linear Precision Saw

Linear Sectioning Saw
    2 µm positioning precision
    Automatic serial sectioning for multiple cuts
    55 method programmability

IsoMet 5000
Expands upon the capabilitiesof the IsoMet 4000 saw byincreasing automation
Automatic sample positioningto 2μm via Facia Panel and linear feed advance andretract
55 method programmabilityincreases productivity andsample consistency
Automatic serial sectioningpositions the sample for multiple cuts to a desiredlength and thickness
Cup grinding system providesautomatic grinding to target depth for thin sectionpreparation
Compatible with all IsoMet®4000 accessories and vises
Precision Cutting andVersatility CombinedIsoMet®Family The IsoMet®4000 & 5000 Family of Linear Precision Saws are designed
for cutting various types of materialswith minimal sample deformation.
Their compact tabletop design fits onalmost any laboratory table.
TheIsoMet 4000 and 5000 saws give today’s laboratory a precision sectioning tool capable of cutting virtually any material,
including brittle and ductile metals, ceramics,composites, cements, laminates,plastics, electronic components andbiomaterials.

The front panel consists of a largeeasy-to-read Liquid Crystal Display(LCD) with backlighting,
eleven (11)dedicated buttons and an emergencystop button.
In addition, the IsoMet®5000 also features five (5) software/multifunction soft-key buttons.
All buttons have positive-action tactilefeedback.
A built-in coolant pumpminimizes sample deformation byreducing heat build-up.
The clearplastic, splash-proof safety shieldencloses the entire cutting area toprotect the operator,
prevent coolantloss and decrease noise.
Magneticinter-lock provides safety by prevent-ing accidental operation while the hood is open.
Two externally mount-ed gas cylinders secure the hood in araised position when open. Other features include ergonomic design,
uni-versal power source and built-in cir-cuit protection.
Easy-to-Use Automatic System
Automatic system allows user to start and walk away - the saw completes the cut without operator assistance
SMARTCUT system automaticallymonitors and adjusts the feed rate to provide consistent, qualitycuts and to prevent specimen andmachine damage,
regardless ofthe operator or the material beingsectioned
Automatic blade dessing system
Sealed membrane keypad makesclean up easy
Precise and Durable
automatic 2μm on the IsoMet5000, for precise sectioning allows cutting of delicate speci-mens with minimal deformation(sample size will vary with samplethickness)
Linear feed mechanism
User selectable feed rate allowseven the most delicate samples tobe cut without deformation
Heavy duty aluminum casting provides stable, vibration resistantbase with precision componentsand linear bearings
Power: 85V to 264V, 50/60 Hz
Dims: W55 x D68 x H35 cm

Serial No: 660 1s5s 00685
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