Buchi R210 Rotavapor


Buchi R210 Rotavapor

R-210 Features:
• PTFE composite vacuum seal for long service life and effective sealing
• Space-saving modular design lets you add integrated vacuum controllers and run preset time/pressure gradients
• Motorized, quick-action servo-jack raises and lowers glassware effortlessly

With the motorized quick-action jack, the evaporating flask can be lowered into, and raised from, the water bath. This operation requires no physical effort. Motion is effected by an integral motor. The button a which can be pushed up or down for the corresponding direction is located on the handle of the quick-action jack. When the instrument is switched off manually or if a power failure occurs, the flask is automatically raised from the heating bath.

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Serial# 0700011417

Dimensions ( W x H x D) 550 x 575 x 415 mm

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