Brookfield R/S Plus Rheometer


Brookfield R/S Plus Rheometer

Model R/S-CPS (Cone Plate or Plate/Plate)
Type: RS3CPS230L

Also with Brookfield Heater Circulating Refrigerated Bath TC650

The R/S Plus Rheometer is available in three configurations: Model R/S Coaxial Cylinder, `Model R/S-CPS (cone/plate or plate/plate)` and Model R/S-SST (soft solids tester/vane) for a variety of sample types.
The rotational motor developed for this rheometer utilizes a high dynamic precision drive system without gearing or mechanical force transducers.
The torque is therefore controlled without deflection.
A 400,000 line optical encoder carefully measures spindle position during rotation.
This combination of motor drive and optical encoder enables the R/S to be controlled via Controlled Shear Stress (CSS) or Controlled Shear Rate (CSR).
With its wide torque range capability (0.05 to 50 mN•m), the R/S Plus Rheometer can handle most applications usually limited to the high-end research Rheometers.

Viscosoty Range 0.001 to 100K Pa
Torque 0.05-50 mN.m
Torque Resolution 0.01mN.m
Angular Resolution 15.7 urad
Speed 0.01-1000 RPM

Cone/plate geometry provides accurate shear rate control for absolute viscosity measurements.
Very small sample size permits rapid test set up and clean up.
Rapid temperature control of plate with Peltier option provides quick profiling of viscosity vs. temperature

Brookfield Heater Circulating Refrigerated Bath TC650

Temperature Range Low,    Temperature Range High,   Controller,  Cooling Temperature,      Stability

 -20°C                                        +135°C                          MX                 Refrigerated            0.07°C

Digital Type           Reservoir    Pump     Flow      Internal Work Area     Overall Dimensions        Weight
Resolution             Capacity    Speed     Rate          DxWxH (inches)       DxWxH (inches)
(Set / Read)
0.1 / 0.1               7.0 liters    1-speed  12 LPM     6.18 x 5.59 x 5.0       21.3 x 8.7 x 25.4         84 lbs


Power. 230V
YOM. Approx 2015

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