Bohdan/Lab-line Orbital Shaker 3520BA Microplate


Bohdan/Lab-line Orbital Shaker 3520BA 

Shaking Washing Station

The Bohdan/Lab-line Orbital Shaker, Model 3520 BA, compact and portable for tight lab
spaces. Can be operated in standard incubators or environmental chambers and are ideal
for cell cultures, solubility studies, extraction procedures, diagnostic tests, general
mixing and bacterial suspensions. Solid state speed controller accurately regulates

- Max Speed: 1000 rpm
- Electrical: 230 Volt 60 Hz 0.8 Amp 100 Watts
- Timer: 0 to 60 Minutes or continuous use

Currently equipped as Bohdan Shaking station MiniBlock.

For microplates, two positions (blue/red).

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