Blak Ray Longwave Ultraviolet Lamp Model B100A


Ultra-Violet Products Blak Ray Longwave Ultraviolet Lamp
Model B100A

The longwave B-100A is manufactured with a scratch-resistant aluminum housing which connects to ballast base with an 8 foot cord; 8 foot secondary cord is included. The 100 watt longwave UV bulb is excellent for inspection applications. Uses for these lamps include non-destructive testing and fluorescence inspection.

The Blak-Ray 100 watt high powered UV lamp offers brilliant irradiance for optimum fluorescence.
100 watt bulb included has an average life of 500 to 2000 hours depending on use patterns.
Lamp Head 9.75D x 6Dia. in. (248 x 152mm),

Weight: 1.43kg.

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation in the part of the spectrum between x-rays and visible light, approximately 180nm to 400nm. It differs from light only that its wavelengths are to short to be seen by the human eye.

UV-A, or long wave radiation, is 315nm and above. UV-B, or midrange radiation, is 280nm-315nm. UV-C, or short wave radiation, is 280nm and below.

When UV radiation falls upon phosphors, it causes the phosphors to emit specific radiation. This phenomenon is known as fluorescence. In some material, the fluorescence lingers on and slowly disappears after the UV source is removed. This phenomenon is known as phosphorescence (Glow-in-the-Dark). Shortwave UV is harmful to the eyes or skin. Proper protection must be worn when operating a lamp with Shortwave UV. Alternately, longwave UV is safe for everyday use.

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