Biotest Hycon RCS High Flow Microbial Airborne Sampler

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RCS High Flow Microbial Airborne Sampler
For use with Agar strips
Cleanroom and Isolator areas within the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food & beverage industries have to perform strict Environmental monitoring. This is most important in the sterile areas of the pharmaceutical industry where GMP, FDA, USP and ISO 14698 guidelines have numerous requirements for air monitoring.
These monitoring requirements do not only apply to the ambient air within sterile areas, but also to compressed gasses used in sterile environments.
Only a microbial air sampler capable of fulfi lling these requirements can assure a secure and easy microbial monitoring program.
- Proven Technology
Centrifugal based sampling.
- Short Sampling Time
Flow rate of 100 Liters/min.
- Flexibility and Mobility
Various features such as user selectable sampling volumes, delayed sampling time and re-chargeable batteries make the RCS High Flow easy to use.
- Validated System Including Pharmacopoeia
Recommended Media
Biotest has developed TCI- media that neutralizes all commercial disinfectants as stated in the Pharmacopoeia.
- Maximum Sampling Effi ciency
Shown by extensive validation studies.
- Optimal Design
Special aerodynamic system diminishes turbulence.
- Sterility Assurance
All components which come in contact with the sampled air are easily disinfected by autoclaving or wiping with commercially available disinfectants.
Technical Details Sampling System: RCS-Technology, Centrifugal impaction
Sampling Range: 1-1500 Liters
Flow Rate: 100 Ltrs/min.
Instrument dev.: Max 5%
Sample Volumes: 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Ltrs.,selectable volumes
Rotor Speed: 8200 rpm
Impaction Speed: 1 μm Particle: 0.7 m/sec
10 μm Particle: 7 m/sec
Packaged in carry case and includes remote control
Supplied with new rechargeable battery and charger sourced from manufacturer


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