BioMAT 2 Microbiological Class 2 Safety Cabinet


BioMAT 2 Microbiological Class 2 Safety Cabinet

The BioMAT 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet has been designed to provide optimum performance for both operator and product protection. Using the latest in microprocessor and fan technology, it is designed to exceed the performance requirements of the European Microbiological Safety Cabinet Standard EN12469:2000.
The safety cabinet carcass and all seals are maintained under negative pressure ensuring air cannot leak out during normal operation.  
Class 2 Safety Cabinets offer both operator and product protection; they ensure any aerosols generated within the cabinet are filtered via high efficiency filtration (HEPA) prior to being dispersed back into the laboratory or to atmosphere. Operator protection is provided by an air curtain across the working aperture of the front screen. Protection of the products from external contamination is provided by a unidirectional downflow of sterile air into the working area.

This Class 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet is supplied in Exhaust Mode:

Exhaust Type – Exhaust air from the safety cabinet is passed through a high efficiency filter (HEPA) before being extracted to atmosphere through a fan assisted extract system. The exhaust air is made up of approximately 40% of the total air volume handled by the safety cabinet. Approximately 60% of the air is re-circulated within the safety cabinet and passes through a high efficiency (HEPA) filter to ensure sterility within the work area.

Unit is supplied complete with Ducting, Wheeled Stand, Valves & Accessories as pictured . Includes PDF Manual

Serial# M/C4845

DOM June 2001

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