BIO-RAD PROTEAN® II xi Cell Electrophoresis Tank

The PROTEAN® II xi cell is a large format vertical electrophoresis cell that is used for the most common electrophoretic techniques such as SDS-PAGE, native electrophoresis, and agarose gel electrophoresis. The PROTEAN II xi cell is available in two sizes to accommodate up to four* 16 x 16 cm or 16 x 20 cm gels.

Key Features

  •     Accommodates handcast gels
  •     Patented single-screw clamps on the casting stand that exert uniform pressure along the entire length of the glass plates provide a leakproof seal without agarose plugs or grease
  •     Central cooling core can be connected to tap water or a cooled recirculating bath, or filled with coolant, providing smile-free patterns with as little as 1.5 L of buffer
  •     Choice of glass plates, spacers, and sandwich clamps to cast 2 gel lengths, 16 or 20 cm.
  •     Ability to cast multiple gradient gels using the PROTEAN II multi-gel casting chamber, the Model 495 gradient former, and the appropriate exponential piston. Use of the gel clip facilitates handling of large gels
  •     Notched plates allow up to four 16 x 16 cm or 16 x 20 cm handcast gels to be run simultaneously (not recommended for 2-D applications)
  •     Optional frosted glass plates allow high-resolution vertical agarose electrophoresis of nucleic acids
  •     Comb conversion screws convert any PROTEAN II xi comb from a standard 25 mm well depth to a 10 mm depth to simplify comb removal

Number of gels 1–4
Gel size (W x L)     16 x 20 cm (handcast)
Glass plate size (W x L) Inner plate     20 x 20 cm   Outer plate     20 x 22.3 cm
Spacer length     22.3 cm
Typical upper buffer volume     350 ml
Typical lower buffer volume     1.2 L

* Note this item consists of the tank, central cooling core and lid/cables only. Missing are the "Casting Stand", "Tube Gel Adapter", Sandwich Clamps, Buffer Dam and Alignment Card

As such this item can be used as a base to build a system by sourcing the additional parts from BIO-RAD, or as a source of parts for an existing system.

This is considered in the pricing.

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