Bio-Rad Model 200 Electrophoresis Power Supply

Bio-Rad Model 200 Electrophoresis Power Supply
Bio-Rad’s Model 200/2.0 microprocessor controlled power supply provides constant voltage to dual output jacks under a variety of operating conditions. Voltage is continuously adjustable from 5 to 200 volts, producing up to 200 watts of power. Current limits can be set from 0.01 to 2.0 amperes to control the current generated. Although the power supply is especially useful in blotting applications, it is also useful for nucleic acid electrophoresis and for applications using the Mini-PROTEAN® II vertical electrophoresis cell.
Features of the Model 200/2.0 power supply include:
• 3-digit LED display to show operating and limit parameters
• 3-speed adjustment buttons to quickly adjust running parameters
• Two operating modes:  standard, to run electrophoresis manually; and time, to run for a set time period
• Constant current operation using the continuously adjustable current limit function
• Automatic switching to constant current operation when the current exceeds the current limit
• Automatic no-load sensing
• Continuous monitoring of load resistance, power output, and volt-hours during the run
Serial# 163BR09093
PDF Manual
Dims 31cm (D) x 17cm (W) x 14cm (H)


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