Bio-Rad Gene Cycler Thermal Cycler


Bio-Rad Gene Cycler

The Gene Cycler thermal cycler is a microprocessor-
controlled, aluminum thermal block instrument which performs
rapid and reproducible heating and cooling (temperature
cycling) of biochemical test samples. Multiple temperature
cycles are generated through the user-programmable computer
software and membrane keypad. The aluminum thermal block is
rapidly, precisely, and uniformly heated using reliable,
long-lasting resistors and cooled via fan-blown air.
Rigorous testing of thermal block temperature precision,
uniformity, consistency,and heating/cooling rates was
conducted to insure reliable and reproducible experimental

The Gene Cycler thermal cycler was developed for oil-free
operation. Oil is not needed in the thermal block wells or in
the sample tubes. The sample wells are shaped to provide
uniform contact with most standard 200 μl thin wall micro
test tubes. The heated sample block cover maintains a higher
temperature than the sample block at all times during a
thermal cycling program. This higher temperature keeps water
vapor from condensing on the top of the sample tube, thereby
reducing the amount of sample evaporation and eliminating
the need for oil overlays in the sample tubes. For the most
uniform heat transfer from the thermal block to the sample
tube, Bio-Rad’s 200 μl thin wall micro test tube (catalog
number 223-9473) is recommended.

The Gene Cycler thermal cycler does not require a sample
temperature probe to monitor the internal temperature of the
sample in order to determine when the steps of a cycle begin.
The temperature displayed on the screen during a program run
is the sample temperature. Compensation for temperature
differences between the block and samples with volumes from
10–150 μl has been determined empirically and embedded in the
Gene Cycler control software. The Gene Cycler thermal cycler
begins counting the time of any step in a cycle when the
sample temperature reaches ± 1.2 ̊C from the set step
temperature. To insure the most accurate sample temperatures,
you must specify the sample volume before a thermal cycling
program run is initiated.

The user-programmable software offers simple step-by-step
instructions to guide the user through temperature cycling
program set-up. A total of 100 temperature cycling programs,
with a maximum of 5 temperature steps per program, can be
created and stored. Each program is capable of 300 cycle
repeats. In addition, the programming power and flexibility
are increased with the capability to create 50 Link Programs.
Each Link Program can contain a maximum of 10 previously
stored programs. Each program in a Link Program will automat-
ically be run in succession. All programs are easily created
and entered using the 8 membrane keypad. All programming
instructions and program run conditions are displayed on
the 40 character LCD display window

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Dims 27cm (D) x 19cm (W) x 18cm (H)

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