BIO-RAD Gelair Drying System


Bio-Rad Gelair Drying System

Gel Dryer with PDF Manual

The GelAir Drying System can be used for drying practically any type of polyacrylamide (SDS-PAGE, native, IEF, 2-D) or agarose gel. The GelAir Drying System produces dried gels in a format that is ideal for densitometry, autoradiography, or permanent storage. The GelAir system requires no vacuum pump or vapor trap, is practically maintenance free, and will dry up to 16 Mini-PROTEAN ®II gels simultaneously and as quickly as a standard vacuum dryer

27 x 43 x 30 cm (H x D x W)

Serial# 272BR01076

Does not include drying frames or assembly table.

Some scratches on top of case

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