BIO-RAD Criterion Blotter

BIO-RAD Criterion Blotter
The Criterion™ blotter provides a combination of blotting efficiency and flexibility in an easy-to-use unit.
Features and Benefits
Capacity to blot 2 Criterion gels or 4 Mini-PROTEAN® handcast or precast gels
Closely spaced electrodes produce maximum field strength and efficient transfers in 30 min to 1 hr for most proteins; overnight transfer at lower voltages is also an option
Included assembly tray can be used for gel soaking, sandwich assembly, and to ensure correct orientation of the gel and blot
Optional cooling coil is available for applications that require precise temperature control
Cassette handles allow easy removal from the tank, and overflow chambers keep your laboratory bench dry
Applications and Uses
Western blotting
Nucleic acid transfer
Maximum gel size (W x L), cm 15 x 9.4
Buffer requirement, L 1.3
Gel capacity 4 Mini-PROTEAN® precast or handcast gels, or 2 Criterion™ precast gels
Dimensions (W x L x H), cm 21.8 x 11.8 x 15
Voltage Limit 300VDC
Power Limit 200W
Weight, kg 1.3
PDF Manual
Serial# 560BR10053
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