Binder KB53 Cooling Incubator, programmable


Binder KB53 Cooling Incubator, programmable

The APT.Line concept impresses with its practical handling. Thanks to their clear arrangement, all unit functions are easy and comfortable to use. The major features, however, are easy cleaning of all unit parts and avoidance of undesired contamination.

A high level of precision, reliability, and safety for all growth parameters ensures optimum incubation conditions. Moreover, the KB cooled incubator is designed for maximum usability even in continuous operation year after year. With its universal unit concept, the KB fulfills all technical and application-specific requirements arising in experimentation such as in the areas of biotechnology, medicine, the nutrition industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, botany, and zoology.

Two important temperature technologies have been combined to achieve perfect temperature control. The newly developed DCT cooling system, a direct cooling process, in conjunction with the APT.Line preheating chamber technology, satisfies the unique prerequisites for attaining highly-precise temperature control from 0°C-99.9°C and particularly short recovery times after opening the door.

The cooling system is distinguished by direct, precise, and rapid temperature conduction.
Large-area labyrinth evaporator plates are integrated into the outer walls of the preheating chamber system. In contrast to the indirect systems, such as the air-jacket system, they conduct the cold directly to the atmosphere of the working space.

The APT.Line preheating chamber system guarantees an unheard of high level of spatial and time-based temperature precision, thanks to the direct and distributed air circulation into the interior. The temperature is regulated exactly to a tenth of a degree. This is especially important for maintaining temperatures especially with full chambers - and for rapid restoration of optimum growth conditions after opening the door. The inner glass door ensures that the temperature remains constant when observing the incubation process. The air turbine supports exact attainment and maintenance of the desired temperature accuracy. The fan speed is digitally adjustable from 0-100% The heating and cooling systems are microprocessor regulated to a tenth of a degree.


• Temperature range: -5 °C to 100 °C
• APT.line preheating chamber technology
• Cooling with compressor cooling unit
• Adjustable fan speed
• Controller with time-segment and real-time programming
• Elapsed time indicator
• Inner door made of tempered safety glass
• 4 stainless steel racks
• Stackable
• Class 3.1 independent temperature safety device (DIN 12880) with visual and audible temperature alarm
• Computer interface: RS 422

Dimensions :
Housing dimensions (mm)- 635 × 835 × 580
Interior dimensions (mm)- 400 × 400 × 330
Weight (kg)- 72

DOM: 2006
Serial: 06-10761


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