Binder KB23 Cooled Incubator


Binder KB23 Cooling Incubator

Cooled incubator with mechanical convection

The most versatile among the cooled incubators for microorganisms: The BINDER KB series cooled incubator controls temperature ranges of -5 °C to 100 °C. With its comprehensive program functions, this cooled incubator offers a wide range of capabilities and delivers reproducible test results.



Exterior dimensions     
    Width (mm)     435
    Height (incl. feet) (mm)     620
    Depth (incl. door handle, I-panel and connection 73 mm) (mm)     600
    Wall clearance, rear (mm)     100
    Wall clearance, side (mm)     100
    Number of doors (ea.)     1
    Inner glass door(s) (ea.)     1
    Interior dimensions     
    Width (mm)     222
    Height (mm)     330
    Depth (mm)     277
    Interior volume (l)     20
    Racks (number standard/max.)     2 / 3
    Load per rack (kg)     10
    Permitted total load (kg)     25
    Weight (empty) (kg)     44
    Temperature data     
    Temperature range (°C) 1)     0 - 100
    Temperature variation     
    at 5 °C (± K)     0,7
    at 25 °C (± K)     0,3
    at 40 °C (± K)     0,3
    Temperature fluctuation     
    bei 5 °C (± K)     0,3
    bei 25 °C (± K)     0,4
    bei 40 °C (± K)     0,1
    Recovery time after door was opened for 30 sec 2)     
    at 5 °C (min.)     5
    at 40 °C (min.)     2
    Electrical data     
    IP protection class acc. to EN 60529     IP 20
    Voltage (± 10%) 50 / 60 Hz (V)     230, 1 N ~
    Nominal power (kW)     0,34
    Energy consumption 3)     
    at 37 °C (W)     60
    Noise level (dB (A))     47


Features Customer benefits Characteristics
APT.line™ Rapid and constant growth of microorganisms APT.line™ for maximum precision
Reliable and reproducable incubation results  
Broad range of applications Homogeneous temperature distribution even under full load
  Tenths of a degree accuracy, precise temperature setting
  Long-term stability
  High standard according to DIN 12880 (27-point measurement)
Disinfection and cleaning Simple and fast cleaning Disinfection routine at 100 °C
Maximum occupational safety  
  High-quality inner chamber made of stainless steel
  Fully removable elements without bothersome fixtures
Inner chamber concept More specimen storage with the same chamber volume High energy efficiency
Minimal operating costs  
  Very tight door closure with 2-point door latch
  Low heat dissipation due to 60 mm insulation
  Inner glass door
  Condensation-free inner chamber
  Double door seal
  Door heating
Cooling system Reproducible results Cooling system with large evaporator plates
Safe incubation conditions at high ambient temperature No freezing thanks to double evaporator plate
Flexible use of external devices (e.g. shakers) Carefully measured cooling up to -5 °C
Control and Documentation Professional support during validation Programmable controller with intelligent temperature control and weekly program timer
Time and cost savings FDA-compliant software APT-COM™
Simple data transfer Years of proven and recognized validation and documentation materials
FDA-compliant documentation Standard RS 422 interface for network connection
Accessories and Service The appropriate BINDER device for every installation site Wide range of products
Broad range of applications  
BINDER INDIVIDUAL for customer-specific solutions 23 l to 720 l inner chamber with mechanical convection
Worldwide BINDER Service Additional product lines with humidity, light, CO2 or vacuum
  Voltage variants and certificates (UL)
  Various options: Shaker platform, inner chamber socket, access ports, Data Logger Kits
  Worldwide service network 



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