BigNeat Containment Technology Fume Cabinet


BigNeat Containment Technology Fume Cabinet with Chem Cap Filter

Including Airflow Monitoring system, and owners Manual


Manufactured in 2008, and Serviced Regularly by BigNeat

Chem Cap Filters in great condition, never been used for anything toxic or acids (only powder coating)

Primary filters have been changed regularly preserving the condition of the Chemcap Filters


Fume Cabinet (Ductless) for operator protection from fumes whilst undertaking laboratory procedures.

Chemcap Clearview™ ductless fume cabinets include Chemcap™ carbon filtration and give the user all-round Clearview vision.  The work surface is black which highlights spillages.

Improvements in the flow patterns in the design of these New Chemcap Clearview cabinets ensure that Chemcap filters utilise more of the carbon within the filtration bed and that retention capacity is maximised.

OPERATOR PROTECTION: Chemcap™ Fume Cabinets protect the operator from fumes, aerosols and/or particulates whilst undertaking laboratory procedures.

COMFORT and CONVENIENCE: Chemcap™ cabinets offer clearview all-round vision and are fully portable. Cabinet has tear drop front access as standard with double hinged and lockable front door flaps for easy access to cabinet interior.

This cabinet offers excellent unhindered 360° all-round vision and is fully portable.

Cabinet has trapezium* front access as standard with double hinged flap for easy access to cabinet interior. Two service ports with covers are supplied in the side panels.

  •     Fully Portable
  •     Easy touch button controls with service due indicator
  •     Cabinet includes audible low airflow alarm
  •     Quiet operation, <50d(B)A
  •     Safe-change pre-filter can be bagged under negative pressure.
  •     Lockable front access doors
  •     Average face velocity of 0.5ms-1


Chemcap conform to the requirements of all major Standards for containment and filtration:

  •     US Standard ASHRAE 110: 1995 12-03 (for containment)
  •     British Standard BS 7989:2001 (for filter efficiency and retention capacity) ‡
  •     French Standard AFNOR NF X 15-211 (for filter retention capacity)
  •     French Standard AFNOR NFX 15-203 (for containment)

Construction and Materials

The mild steel fan housing is epoxy coated, acid resistant paint, colour - white.
Transparent panels, including hinged doors, are manufactured from clear cast acrylic which is non-flammable and easy to clean (8mm thick).
The base tray is manufactured from PVC, colour - black

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