Berthold Orion II MPL4 Microplate Luminometer


Berthold Orion II MPL4 Microplate Luminometer

Single pump (Up to 3 more can be added from Bethold)
Software disc - Simplicity 4.02. XP or older, RS232 connection. Dell Lap Top supplied
PDF Manual

Orion II is a high quality Microplate Luminometer for 96 and 384 well plates.
It can be equipped with up to four reagent injectors and temperature control up to 50ºC.
Double Injection Design (DID) allows parallel processing of samples and saves valuable assay time.

Orion II offers complete configuration flexibility.
It features high sensitivity thanks to highly efficient optics and photon counting mode.
Reagents can be connected easily, and the low dead volume saves costly reagents.


Reporter Gene Assays (incl. Dual-Reporter Assays)
ATP Assays
Kinase activity Assays
Cell Proliferation, Cytotoxicity and Biomass Assays, Apoptosis Assays
Nucleid Acid Probe Assays
Calcium Measurements and Aequorin-based Assays
Luminescent Immunoassays (LIA)
Cellular Luminescence
Environmental Toxicity and Mutagenicity Assays

Power: 115V - 240V 50/60 Hz
Serial: 0219
YOM: 2003

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