Bellco SCI-ERA Heated Shaking Waterbath


Bellco SCI-ERA Shaking Heated Water Bath

Designed for filter hybridization incubation, DNA biotechnology, hot staining protocols, temperature sensitive assays

Temperature control: ambient +5C to 100C (+/- 0.1C)
Speed range: 0 to 85 oscillations per minute
Chamber Dimensions: 47 x 27 x 10cm

The Bellco Sci-ERA Hot Shaker is a slow speed, large orbit shaker for incubation of electrophoretic gels and filter hybridization media. Stringent temperature control with a sensitivity of +/-0.1oC is useful for many biochemical assays.This Bellco design incorporates a seamless stainless steel lined temperature controlled water bath mounted on a low-profile one inch orbiting platform. The unique chamber design offers simple containment of potential spills. The chamber is completely isolated from electromechanical components.The Sci-ERA Hot Shaker has an audible over-temperature alarm. Built-in safety features prevent heater burn-out.

Overall Dims 55cm (D) x 55cm (W) x 32cm (H)

Serial # HSB2 130

Bellco Part # 7746-12220

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